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Customers stories
Clothing market review
Yaara Havshush
SugarDaddy - stores manager

“With Buzzzter we send mobile campaigns easily and in a short time to our customer-club members with new fashion collections and end-of-season hot deals. We get higher response rates than any other marketing channels and we detected interested customers and popular products using Buzzzter analytics.”
Review on mobile advertising in food delivery
Jeremy Cocket
Pizza Master - CEO

“We send with Buzzzter our Pizza delivery menu to customers and get big amount of orders in a short time, even more than distributing flyers or newsletters.”
Review on mobile advertising in beds and mattresses
Tomer Ben
AEROFLEX - VP Marketing & Sales

“We design and launch mobile campaigns to our customers with a catalog of our products in SALE. We get many inquiries from interested customers and we imrove the campaigns effectiveness by analyzing the campaigns results using Buzzzter advanced dashboard analytics.”
Review on mobile advertising in pharmaceuticals
Liat Alon
MERCK - Multi-Channel Marketing Manager

“We use Buzzzter for various company publications through mobile devices, such as: updating employees, projects newsletters, greeting cards and more.”

Launch mobile campaigns for any purpose
  • Customer-clubs – mass text messaging of products catalogs & menus, coupons, special deals...
  • Food & restaurants – bulk text messaging of delivery and take-away menus, meals coupons...
  • Fashion – launch mobile text campaign with fashion catalogs, new collections, hot items on sale...
  • Tourism – mass text messaging of vacations catalogs, last-minute deals, special offers...
  • Real-Estate – bulk text messaging of real-estate opportunities, photo galleries of new projects...
  • Entertainment and events – mass text messaging of mobile invitations, events schedules, videos and music playlists...
  • Mobile newsletter – create and share your self-designed flyer, brochure, poster...
  • And much much more…!