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Buzzzter – a new & easy way to create your mobile campaign!

Great experience

  • Text messages with rich & interactive content:
    photos, videos (soon), texts, various links and more.
  • Sharing messages with friends.
  • High conversion rates, compred to regular SMS or Email.

Design your mobile campaign

  • Create a mobile campaign in few minutes, without coding landing pages.
  • Design your mobile campaign using popular templates:
    catalog, photo gallery, menu, newsletter, flyer, webpage, etc.
  • Attach a long chat message to the catalog for free to share additional information.

Click & Buy

  • Link campaign products to a business webpage or phone number.
  • Shopping of new customers that got the message from their friends.
  • High shopping rates copmared to regular SMS or Email marketing.

Powerful reporting

  • Detailed online analytics: who opened messages and when, products views, which customers started shopping and more.
  • Improve campaign effectiveness by comparing campaigns metrics.
  • Detect interested customers for focused marketing and suggesting further offerings.

Smart distribution lists

  • Fast & easy loading of recipients details from Excel files.
  • Built-in opt-out support.
  • Automatic duplicates removal of recipients.


  • Using internet browser only with no need of installations.
  • Professional support team that assist you in any inquiry for free.
  • High level of system security to ensure privacy of your customers details and campaigns data.
  • API integration support from external applications or websites.